I know you have heard this before…the Lectern is a barrier. It is so true.

This was exemplified in a training I did in Anaheim this past month.

My clients have to present before their Board several times a year. It has been protocol that they stand behind the lectern to deliver their information.

During rehearsals, I had them move out from behind the lectern and get closer to the audience. What a difference.

To a person, they exhibited more energy, an ability to be more expressive, and the audience felt more connected to the presenter.

Lesson learned: the lectern hamstrings a presenter from being fully engaged.

I understand there are situations when protocol dictates that you have to stand behind the lectern, for example, when you are presenting to a political body, or if the microphone is the only way you can be heard.

However, whenever possible, free yourself from that obstruction.

You will find you can elevate and enhance your engagement and connection with the audience, by ditching the lectern.

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