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The person with the best seat doesn’t always have the best ideas. Great ideas need to be heard. I use my experience and expertise to make you shine in the spotlight and succeed. Communicate with confidence.

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Founded in 1985, Gloria Cohn Consulting specializes in training that enhances your public speaking style. She can prepare you for job interviews, news interviews, keynote speeches, presentations to boards, political bodies or clients, so that you will communicate with confidence. She has also coached hundreds of broadcast professionals nationwide, improving their techniques.

She began her career advising media professionals while working at Frank N. Magid Associates, a worldwide leader in television news consulting. At Viacom, she produced and hosted a variety of public affairs programs. Later, as an executive trainer for Decker Communications, she conducted seminars and private coaching sessions for some of the Bay Area’s leading corporations.

Great Ideas Need to Be Heard

Enhance your strengths. Elevate your skills. Enrich your organization.


Study proven techniques to sound comfortable, confident and conversational.


Learn how to prepare your key points and stay focused on your message.


Convince your audience by including logic, reason and emotions.

What people are saying

“Gloria is fantastic! I have taken advantage of her offerings for over 20 years and people in my organization have benefitted tremendously. She understands the nuances of speaking persuasively, content and presence, and is able to translate to accommodate individual style and skill. I highly recommend Gloria to anyone interested in learning how to speak with confidence and impact.”
Joanne Fletcher, Assistant General Manager – Customer Service & Marketing
Burbank Water & Power



Are you making a strong first impression?


Is your delivery style engaging?


Can you command attention in a limited amount of time?


How do you gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses?