Monotone voice? Use your hands.

If you talk in a monotone, and you want to add more modulation to your vocal delivery, try using hand gestures that draw a picture of the word.

In my years of training and coaching, I have discovered an interesting outcome when people use hand gestures…the voice naturally expands and becomes more expressive.

There is one important key to this: the hand gesture MUST match, describe, or illustrate the word you are saying.

Try this experiment. Say the following sentence and use your hands to illustrate an “expansive bay window.”

“In my living room, I have an EXPANSIVE BAY WINDOW overlooking the bridge.”

Did you hear your voice amplify?

I suggest you practice this skill first, before you incorporate them into a presentation. Here’s how. Look for words that describe an object, a motion, or an action. Example words are: stack of papers, balance, moving forward, no way, rising, lowering, spending more than we’re taking in.”

A safe place to practice this is when you are talking on the phone. Exaggerate the hand gestures and see how this affects the energy in your voice.

Once you have practiced and feel confident that your gestures are becoming more natural, set a goal for yourself. When you are preparing your talking points for a meeting or presentation, look for 3 or 4 words where you can add a gesture. Make a conscious effort to do so.

It is truly an authentic way to add expression to your voice.

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