Prepare your key points and stay focused on your message.

Create a positive impression in any type of news interview by learning how to prepare your key points and stay focused on your message. Looking comfortable, sounding conversational, and maintaining control takes training and practice.

Clients will learn to

  • Prepare for radio, TV and print interviews
  • Develop interesting sound bites and key messages
  • Maintain control of the interview
  • Successfully bridge away from hostility back to YOUR message
  • Avoid the traps that will get you off message

For on-camera interviews, appearance and body language become critical in looking composed and in control. Don’t let your inexperience or discomfort be the focus of the story.

You will understand

  • Where to look
  • How to dress
  • What to do with your hands
  • Talk in sound bites
  • Use the pause to your benefit

Individually designed sessions featuring mock interviews, coupled with expert coaching advice, will help you advance your agenda, communicate with confidence, and represent your organization in the best possible light.

Your media relations workshop provided valuable information. You added a hugely important element to our leadership.”

Barbara Roberts
Former Governor, State of Oregon