We all have been impacted by COVID-19 and are doing our best to keep ourselves, co-workers and families safe.

In light of this, I bet you and your organizations are conducting more meetings, interviews and presentations on your favorite video platform.

Effectively communicating remains central to the message being heard and cannot be underestimated.

You probably have come to realize that online communicating is a different animal than an in-person meeting.  Many of the body language skills come into play, but on a different scale.

Do you and your team know how to make those adjustments?

Vocal delivery takes a front seat

Similar to my many years in the Television News industry as a talent coach (anchors can only be seen from your waist up),  your vocal delivery becomes the critical body language skill.  Striking the right pitch and tone, practicing deliberate enunciation and reducing speed are more critical than ever.

Practice with your friends, family and co-workers, get feedback…..and hang in there.


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