The stories were sticky; but everything else was forgettable.

I saw Nina Totenberg speak.  (She is a correspondent for National Public Radio focusing primarily on the activities and politics of the Supreme Court of the United States.)

I was very disappointed with her delivery.  She read from a script for one hour.

You would think that someone with her experience, who has covered SCOTUS for many years, that she could speak without notes.

What stood out for me were the stories.

I even remember them now.

She told a story about Sandra Day O’Connor passing a note to a fellow justice advising him that his hearing aid was buzzing.

Then, there was the time when Justice Scalia had to nudge his colleague to wake him up as they were hearing a case.

What if Ms. Totenberg had made her whole speech a series of stories?

People remember stories.  They stick.

I want you to consider during your next presentation to insert a relevant story which illustrates your point.

It will be the highlight and what people will remember.


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