When I asked a client how she wanted the audience to feel about her at the end of a presentation, she answered, “Confident.”

Now, it is my job, as a coach, to tell her HOW to achieve this.

I am convinced that this is not just a visualization exercise.  I must give her tangible tools that will help her get there.

Out of the nine body language skills I have identified, there are three techniques that project confidence.  They are:


  • Sustained eye contact
  • Adopting a proud posture
  • Mastering the pause (think Barack Obama)


During our session, I had her work on these three – one at a time.  This is how I finally determined which one will benefitted her the most.

Ask yourself, how do you want to be seen by a boss, client, or the public?

By understanding the communication skills – and then applying them – one by one, you can achieve your goals.


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