I was visiting with my neighbor who works at well-known tech company in the SF Bay Area.  I was talking to him about what I do  – helping people elevate their presentation skills.

I said I’d seen his boss present, and that he seemed unprepared and awkward in an All-Hands meeting.

My neighbor explained, “That’s tech.  Many of us are awkward when we present.  We have learned to accept this about our industry.”

OKAY.  I get that.  Those who know us are more accepting of our idiosyncrasies – especially if you are well-known and in charge.

But, will you ever face an audience who will be less forgiving and unable to get past your awkwardness?

VCs?  Bankers?  Lawyers? Testifying in front of Congress? TED talk?

In those instances, I would encourage you to work with a coach to improve your skills and build your confidence.


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