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Effective communication is essential to
business success. Non-verbal cues can be
as important as verbal cues.

Learn to be as articulate as possible for
that upcoming job interview, speech, client
or board presentation, webcast, video
conference or media interview. I offer
on-the-spot feedback and easy-to-follow
advice so that you see immediate results.
The media calls you for an interview.
They come to your office, turn on the
lights and the camera starts rolling.
What the audience will see is a confident,
engaging spokesperson, who has
created well-crafted, interesting remarks.

Gain experience on content
development, effective delivery and
specific techniques for managing even
the most challenging interviews.
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On-going training, and consistent,
constructive feedback is so valuable for
broadcast professionals. It is important to
elicit keen observations and expert
communication advice so that you can
continue to enhance your delivery style.
It has been said that you have 30
seconds to sell yourself to a News
Director before your tape is rejected.
Stand out and excel in this highly
competitive field.
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